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Settling in easy.

gradual admission

Gradual Admission 

(settling in) 

Almost all children feel anxious in a new environment and so take time to settle into a new environment with new people. Our settling in period is held for three days (usually between 10-11am or 12-1pm) before your child’s actual start date. On the first day, you will be introduced to the setting and your child’s key person who will help to settle your child into the setting also key paperwork will be duly signed at this time. On the next two days you will drop off your child and come back to collect them.

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There are a number of ways to pay your childcare fees, our preferred method of payment is by banking standing order payable into the bank in advance. We are registered with most childcare voucher companies for parents who receive childcare vouchers through work. Please speak to the manager in regards to your fees and your child’s gradual admission for further information.

Registration fee

A registration fee of £20 is required during registration. This is to cover cost associated with administration.

Retainers fee

If you have a child in school a retainer fee will be paid every school holiday. The retainer fee will be 50% of the full fees and is non-refundable. It is used to keep your space during the holidays.


A deposit equivalent to one week’s fees is required upon signing of the contract before your child’s actual start date. Please note that this is not inclusive of your first week’s fees.This is to secure your child’s place this will be deducted form your final payment at the end of the contract. Terms and conditions apply.


Late payment and late collection fees.

Charged at £10 per day and £10 for every 15 minutes you are late in picking up your child. Discount is also available for parents who are on a full time contract.

siblings discount

Siblings Discount


10% discount for older child provided older child remains in the setting for the duration of the contract


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